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Digital & IT

We're here for all your helpdesk and digital needs.

We provide 24/7 help with our online knowledge base, and can assist with everything from setting up emails to resolving technical issues.  

It Support

Got an issue that can’t be fixed by restarting your computer? Don’t panic! We can help by providing technical support using our secure Remote Desktop software. We update our Knowledge Base quite often so that we always have an answer for your questions 24/7.


Email has become a major component to our lives. We can now communicate with anyone, any day at anytime no matter where they are in the world. Five By Design can help choose a company to host your emails, setup emails on devices such as computers and mobile phones and providing support on any email issues

IT Consultancy

Stuck in a tricky spot and need some technical advice? Maybe you just need to know where to go from here. Contact Five By Design and we’ll try and get the wheels turning.

Hardware/Software Procurement

So many options, so hard to choose! At Five By Design, we take the technical part out of the decision making so that you can decide on products based on key features. Need a laptop that is as light as a feather; maybe you want a better software for emails. Let us know and we’ll help you out

Cloud Services

Cloud services are taking over the internet by storm – literally. Cloud services offer the ability to remotely control services through the internet without requiring the costs of maintaining a server. Five By Design can help configure these systems so that you can utilise these systems in your company. Common services often include User management, File storage systems and security policy enforcement.

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